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Throughout America, people have become tired of the rising and uncontrolled costs of electricity. Seeking an alternatives to expensive utility companies, many consumers have found comfort in solar. Finding our energy independence has been something many of us have dreamed of, but until recently, has not been affordable to most.

Traditionally, solar has been marketed to consumers with an environmental consciousness as opposed to an economical one. Nexus Energy Systems is dedicated to changing this trend and bringing solar to not only high-end consumers but mainstream America as well. Our customers enjoy producing clean, affordable electricity for much less than they are already paying with their utility company.

We understand how critically important it is for us to transition away from fossil-fuels to renewable, clean energy. This is why we pride ourselves on educating our customers and the community about the environmental and financial benefits alternative power sources.

We actively participate in community events such as public speaking engagements, community outreach programs and trade fairs. We believe that education is the key to transforming the future of energy and how it is produced.

To put our money where our mouth is, check out our community partnership program – SunGrants.
If you have a solar consultation with us, we’ll donate $100 to the school of your choice!


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Nexus Energy, founded in 1978, is one of California’s premier and fastest growing solar integrators. We are trusted with thousands of installations a year through our development of strategic partnerships and best business practices.


  • Silfab Nexus Energy Partner
  • Elements Capital Nexus Energy partner
  • Unirac partner of Nexus Energy
  • Dividend Solar partner of Nexus Energy
  • Ygrene partner of Nexus Energy
  • Enphase partner of Nexus Energy
  • Sungrants partner of Nexus Energy

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