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5 Reasons to Get Solar Energy

New Incentives and Rebates

Federal and State governments have created many incentive programs to help encourage people to buy solar systems. This can offset a significant portion of the price of your system and drastically increase your return on investment. Right now rebates and tax credits can cover up to 40% of your total costs.

Hedge Against Rising Electricity Prices

Since 1970, energy costs have gone up 6.7% per year. It’s a fact that none of us can escape – electricity keeps getting more and more expensive every year. Solar can effectively protect you by stabilizing your bill forever!

Environmental Benefits of Clean Energy

Did you know that a 5kw residential solar system would save on average 180 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime? It’s also equivalent to permanently taking 32 cars off the road or planting 4487 new trees. Whether or not you support global warming clean air is always a good thing. Solar helps you do your part in preserving America’s future.

Increase Your Property Value

Unlike many home improvements that lose value quickly after they are installed solar holds its value very well. The price of your system is directly added to the appraised value of your home and does not increase property taxes. Since solar is always producing something of value (electricity) it is truly one of the only home improvements produces a solid return on investment.

Unlimited Source of Free Energy

The sun has been here for billions of years and will be for billions more to come. Enough sunlight falls to the earth in one hour to power the entire world for an entire year. By tapping into the sun’s energy you’re are tapping into our oldest and most abundant resource. It is the life-force that has fueled this planet since its inception.

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